My Impulses Have Been Hijacked

Yesterday, at lunch time I dropped into my local shopping centre to buy new running shoes. Before leaving I decided I would eat lunch when I get back to the office. Holy guacamole did this test my will power, so many cravings. All I wanted to do was stop and eat a chicken burger.

So, it turns out that the gut flora and microbes that live inside my digestive tracts aren’t very happy with my decision to change what I eat. They are sending some major signals to my brain to try make me give up.

The good news is, this is only temporary.. Not that it makes this week any easier, it is still testing my will power every moment but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My gut flora is going to change, and so will my cravings!

It All Starts Tomorrow

I read Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra a couple of years ago. After reading it, I thought the idea of going plant based was great but couldn’t see how it would fit into my Aussie way of life. Since then I have read a lot of other books, websites, listened to podcasts and watched documentaries on plant based living. Cowspiracy being the most recent documentary we have watched. I couldn’t believe the impact agriculture had on this planet.

A few more weeks passed and Amy and I talked about the idea of going ‘Vegan’. We both decided that we should give it a go, but thought we’d lay a few rules down to begin with, I guess you could say to make life easier for us but really to help us transition and not feel like failures when things don’t go to plan.

Firstly, if we are visiting friends or family, we don’t expect them to cater for our new desire to eat plant based. If they do cater that’s cool, but we aren’t about to turn up our nose at food our friends and family have put love and energy into.

Secondly, we aren’t quite ready to give up dairy in our coffee, most other dairy we can live without but we haven’t come to terms with no milk in our coffee yet.

Thirdly, Eggs. A little over year ago, we brought home three chicks from our daughters preschool. Our three ladies are part of the family, they each have there own crazy personalities, Lorraine is the boss, Schnitzel is the escape artist and Casper is afraid of almost everything. They produce three eggs most days of the week. We will continue to eat these eggs.

We are both on the fence about yoghurt and cheese, they have been staples in our home. We are going to reduce the amount we consume but I can’t quite commit to saying that we will give this up completely.

We are going to post updates on how we are going. I am a triathlete, I competed at the age group World Championships last year and currently train between 5-8hrs a week, I will provide updates on how this transition is affecting my training. I plan to use this change to prepare for my first half Ironman race later in the year.

Tomorrow is day one, both Amy and I will jump on our Tanita scales and post the composition results, we will check in weekly with update on our composition.

Until then get outside and live life.